Blood money for an accident in South Africa

Q. In South Africa, if a car accident takes place between two Muslims and one Muslim passes away, is there any penalty to pay to the deceased Muslims family? The Muslim who caused the accident acknowledges that it was his mistake.

A. In South Africa or in any other secular state, if an accident occurred due to the negligence of a Muslim, which resulted in the death of another Muslim/person, then such an accident is categorized as an unintentional killing (Qatl-e-Khata’)

If a Muslim is the cause of an unintentional killing, the following will apply:

1) It will be binding upon the Muslim killer/driver to fast for 60 days consecutively (Kaffarah).

2) It will be binding upon a Muslim person’s family and associates (Aaqilah) to assist in the payment of it immediately or over a period of three years to the deceased family

The payment of blood money in the form of silver is R206,360.00 as of 27/11/2018 in South Africa. (Fataawa Haqqaniyyah 5/216-253-254-255)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa