How should a Muslim greet a non-Muslim?

Q. How do I respond to my non-Muslim staff who great me with Assalaamu Alaikum?

A. As a general rule, a Muslim should not initiate the official greeting of a Muslims Salaam with non-Muslims. One of the main reasons being that the official greeting of Muslims –Salaam, is a Dua (supplication) that encompasses a Dua of peace for this world (Dunya) and the hereafter. (Aakhirah) which is applicable to Muslims and not to non-Muslims. (Badaai-us-Sanaai 5/128)

A Muslim may greet a non-Muslim with a customary greeting instead. (For e.g. by saying Hi, Good Day/Afternoon/Evening etc.)

If there is a need to make Salaam to a Non-Muslim, Salaam should be made with the following words:

“السلام على من اتبع الهدى”

Transliteration: Assalaamu Ala Manittaba’al Huda

Translation: May peace be upon the one who follows the guidance.

In the case where a Non-Muslim makes Salaam to a Muslim, a Muslim should reply with the words:


Transliteration: Waalaika

Translation: And to you to; or

“هداك الله الاسلام “

Transliteration: Hadaakallahul Islaam

Translation: May Allah guide you.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa