Passing the boundaries of the Haram (Miqaat) in the state of menses (Haidh)

Q. Asalamualaykum

I would like to inquire where is the closest miqat in makkah. Today is my last day for my menstrual cycle and i have a tiny bit of discharge. I might become pure when i reach. Therefore i have to make ghusl and go to a miqat. Is this permissible, if so which miqat is closest in makkah. I will be traveling directly to makkah with the plane so the rest of my family will be in ihram on the plane.

JzkAllah kheir

A. A woman in the state of menses (Haidh), passing the Miqaat of Makkah Mukarram on the plane will do the following:

a) She will enter the state of Ihram in menses on the plane before passing the Miqaat by making her intention and reciting the Talbiyah of Ihraam on the plane. The two Rakaats of Salaat-ul-Ihram will be omitted as she is in menses.

b) She will remain in the state of Ihraam and she must adhere to all the laws of Ihraam until the termination of her menses and the performance of her Umrah is complete.

c) Upon the termination of her menses, she will make ghusl and perform her Umrah. Once her Umrah is complete, she will exit the state of Ihram.

Therefore, in the enquired situation, it will not be necessary for you to return to the Miqaat in order for you to perform your Umrah after the termination of your menses and making Ghusal. You will simply proceed from your location within the Miqaat to perform your Umrah after making Ghusal.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa