Terminating ones Salaah to secure ones child

Q. What is the ruling when a woman is following the Imaam in the Haram for Salaah and after performing one Rakaat with the Imaam, in the second Rakaat, she breaks her Salaah to secure her child who has ran off whilst she is performing Salaah. Then, she joins the Imaam in the same second Rakaat. Is her Salaah valid and does she continue from where she has stopped?

A. In the enquired case, it will be permissible for you to terminate your Salaah and secure your child if there is a fear of losing your child whilst performing Salaah. Thereafter, you may join the Imaam in Salaah as a latecomer (Masbooq) i.e., you will make up the first Rakaat after the Imaam completes his Salaah. You cannot continue your Salaah from the point of terminating your Salaah. (Shaami 2/52-Aap ke masaail aur unka hal 3/574)

N.B. The permissibility of terminating ones Salaah depends on the circumstance and if there exists a legitimate reason to do so, for. E.g. fear or loss of life and property.  It will not be permissible to terminate ones Salaah without a legitimate reason.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa