How should one face the Qiblah at the time of slaughtering an animal? 

Q. Is it compulsory to face the Qiblah whilst slaughtering? Should the animal or should the one slaughtering face the Qiblah? How should it be done? And is this for the day of Eid only?

A. It is preferred (Mustahab) for the animal and for the one slaughtering the animal to face the Qiblah. (Badaai-us-Sanaai 5/60)

The animal should be placed on its right side (just as the deceased is placed in the grave) facing the Qiblah. The one slaughtering the animal should face the Qibah when slaughtering the animal in this position. (Qurbani Ke Masaail Ka encyclopedia)

This is applicable for every occasion when slaughtering an animal and is not restricted to the day of Eid only.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa