Is a woman experiencing chronic discharge (Istihaadha) always an excused person (Mazoorah)?

Q. I want know for a lady who has istihadha…whats the ruling if she doesnt bleed at least once in a salah period? But therafter bleeds now and then…will she then be a mustahadha?

A. The minimum period of Haidh (menstruation) is three days and the maximum period is 10 days. The discharge before or after ten days is regarded as Istihaadha (chronic discharge).

A woman in Istihaadha will clean herself, make Wudhu and perform Salaah unless there is a continuous discharge, which prevents her from performing Salaah, in which case she will be considered a Mazoor and all the laws of a Mazoor will apply to her.

However, a woman in the state of Istihaadha is not necessarily considered a Mazoor (excused) at all times. She will only be a Mazoor if she fulfils the criteria of a Mazoor.

Accordingly, in the enquired case, if she was a Mazoor and there was no discharge between two Salaahs, she will no longer be a Mazoor. In such a case, she will perform Salaah only if she is clean and in the state of Wudhu until she fulfils the criteria of a Mazoor again.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa