Is the Azaan valid if it is played via a recording?

Q. We have recently setup a Jamaat Khana in a commercial building. Initially we were using a recording of the Adhaan , however it was brought to our attention that it is not allowed. Due to the location , people come for salaah once the Adhaan is heard and for some reason the recorded Adhaan seems to have a greater reach throughout he building resulting in more people attending salaah. Our intention is not to establish any doubtful practice , but rather to invite as many people to attend the salaah. How should we proceed in this case? Jzkl

A. The advice given to you was correct. The validity of the Azaan is contingent on the Azaan rendered live and not via a recording. (Maraaqil Falaah 1/78) In order to facilitate for a live Azaan, you may employ a Muazzin and make necessary adjustments to the speaker systems to draw the attention of more people towards Salaah.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa