Is it permissible to slaughter an animal for Qurbani who’s horns have been broken or uprooted? 

Q. There is a brother who has bought a bull and the bulls horns were removed. You cant see the horn but just a bit of it ,but it is not sticking out like how a normal cow has, would it be jaaiz to make qurbani of such an animal? Also keep in mind that the stub is visible.

Please give me a fatwa regarding the above question.

A. If an animal was born without horns or its horns were broken off (not uprooted), then such an animal will be eligible for Qurbani. However, if its horns were broken off from the root, or the horn had been uprooted, then it will not be eligible for Qurbani. (Badaai-us-Sanaai’ 5/76)

Hence, in the enquired situation, it will be permissible to slaughter the Bull if its horns had not been uprooted.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa