Is there any form of expiation (Kaffarah) for breaking a Vow (Nazr)?

Q. I made a promise to Allah that I will read my 2 four sunnahs before Asr and before Esha. I have broken these promises many times and I still do because I dont read those sunnahs at all. For every Asr and Esha that passes, will I be getting sin for breaking a promise because of not reading or did i just get sin once? And also what is the kaffara for breaking oaths/promises? I am 16 years old.

A. If you made the statement, “I promise to Allah, I will perform my four sunnahs before Asr and before Esha”, it will constitute a valid Nazar-e- Mutlaq (general vow).

Therefore, if the sunnahs of Asr and Esha were not performed, it could be performed at any other time as it is a general vow. Thereafter, the Nazar (vow) will no more be applicable. Also, there is no Kaffarah (compensation) for not fulfilling such a Nazar (vow). (Badaai-us-Sanaai’ 5/82)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa