If a travel agent and a client agree to the purchase and sale of an Umrah ticket, can the client cancel the purchase of the Umrah ticket after the travel agent issued it to the client? 

Q. I am a Travel Agent a few weeks ago I was called by a Muslim brother regarding a ticket for Umrah for which I checked and gave him a price which he was happy with. He then sent me a subsequent SMS confirming the purchase of ticket which he stated his name and passengers name on which the ticket is to be booked and asked me for banking details to do a deposit for the amount or he would pay the cash for. I then booked and issued the ticket and when I tried to call him back numerous times he did not answer my call nor did he return it.

When I met him in the masjid and asked him why is he not taking my call he said he never received my call however I have proof on my phone that I have called him and even SMS him regarding the ticket.

He then told me he purchased the ticket on the internet for a cheaper price now what is the ruling for the above? Is he liable to pay for cancellation cost for the ticket he made me issue?

A. As the customer/client and the seller/agent agreed upon the sale of the Umrah ticket, more so, the Umrah ticket had been issued on the customer/clients name, the customer/client will liable to pay for the plane ticket just as the customer/client would have been liable to pay for the Umrah ticket itself.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa