Quran Khatams through Whatsapp groups

Q. It has become a norm to conduct Quran Khatams for the deceased via Whatsapp groups. The group administrator distributes Paras to members of the Whatsapp group to recite for the deceased. A lot of times, it becomes difficult for members to choose or accept to recite a Para due to family responsibilities. If a person is not willing to choose or accept a Para, he/she still feels obliged to do so? Is this system correct?

A. In arranging Quran Khatams through whatsapp groups, members of whatsapp groups may feel compelled to respond to the distribution of a Quran Khatam or may accept it to please other members of the group. This deprives one of carrying out an act of worship with sincerity and securing the reward for the deceased. Therefore, we advise against implementing such a system.

Instead, members of whatsapp groups may be advised through whatsapp to recite Quran individually without actually coordinating it through whatsapp groups. This will in fact be more beneficial of securing the reward with sincerity for the deceased.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa