Can one make an intention for multiple people in one’s necessary (Waajib) Qurbani?

Q. I would like to have some clarity pertaining to the slaughtering of Qurbani for Eid. I would like to purchase, 1 sheep which is all that I can afford currently. I would like to know, if 3 names can be used on the 1 sheep: for myself and my 2 sons? In the past, have I bought shares on my name and my childrens. Im not sure how these shares worked though.

A. To discharge the obligation of Qurbani, one sheep or one share is required per individual.

When optional Qurbani is done for Esaale Sawaab (sending reward to the others) then it can be on behalf of many people and even the entire Ummah.

Camel and cattle being large animals are equal to seven shares. This means that seven individuals’ Qurbani’s may be discharged from one camel or cattle.

Sheep and goats being small animals equal to only one share. Hence, a sheep may only be used to fulfill the Wajib Qurbani of one person. Therefore, the single sheep that you purchase may only be used on behalf of yourself. (Hindiyyah)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa