Who is responsible to maintain a widowed wife during the Iddah period of 4 Months and 10 days? 

Q. After a woman is divorced, the ex-husband is responsible for the ex-wife’s maintenance during the Iddah period. Is it the same case when a women’s husband passes away. Will the deceased’s husband wife be entitled to receive maintenance from the estate of her deceased husband during the Iddah period?

A. During the Iddah period of divorce, it is the ex-husbands responsibility to maintain the ex-wife until her Iddah period terminates. However, in the case of the Iddah period of death, the wife is not entitled to maintenance from her deceased husband or his estate. She is entitled to her share of inheritance from her deceased husband’s estate and not more than that. (Al Lubaab Fi Sharhil Kitaab 1/290)

Note: The Iddah period of divorce is three menstrual for a menstruating woman or three Months for a non-menstruating woman. The Iddah period of death is four Months and ten days.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa