Can I discharge my Zakaat by giving my customers a discount at the time of their purchase? 

Q. I have a business and Zakaat recipients come to my shop to purchase items with Zakaat money. Can I give my Zakaat by selling my items to the Zakaat recipients at a discounted price? Will my discounted price be counted as Zakaat and will it be accepted in this way?

A. For ones Zakaat to be discharged, it is necessary to give full ownership of the Zakaat to an eligible recipient of Zakaat.

In the enquired case, a discount given to a Zakaat recipient it is not considered to be giving full ownership to the recipient of Zakaat as the Zakaat recipient does not have full ownership of the discount money and thus, your Zakaat will not be discharged in this way.

You may consider giving Zakaatable items to Zakaat recipients free of charge to discharge your Zakaat.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa