Is ones Wudhu valid if the limbs washed in Wudhu dry up before completing Wudhu? 

Q. Please can you advise on the following. I have seen a few brothers wiping dry their body parts as they go along doing their wudhu, especially one foot, then the next, so as not to cause a ‘mess’ with water on the floor. Is that something that invalidates wudhu? Is there any ruling that the whole areas should still be wet by the time the wudhu is done? 

A. It is Sunnah to perform Wudhu without pause after washing each limb so that no limb dries up before the Wudhu is completed. (Maraaqil-Falaah 1/37).

Hence, if one performs Wudhu by pausing in between such that the limbs dry up before the Wudhu is completed or as explained above, a person will be performing Wudhu against the Sunnah method and a person will be deprived of the Sunnah reward. However, the Wudhu will still be valid.

One should endeavor to perform Wudhu with all it rules and etiquette’s in order to attain the full reward of Wudhu.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa