If water splashed onto ones clothes when flushing the toilet, does it affect the validity of ones Salaah? 

Q. I use a western toilet. After urination, I always flush before washing myself, then when fresh water collects in the commode. I wash myself. Yesterday however, I flushed after urinating and fresh water collected but I urinated just a small amount again, then I washed my private part and I could feel the water splash. I ignored it and went on to pray. The water that splashed was contaminated by only a small amount of urine. Did that still break my ghusl? Do I have to repeat my salah?

A. If water from the toilet contaminated with urine splashed on your body, then it is necessary to wash that area. This is irrespective of the whether it was a little urine or a lot.

If you did not wash that area and performed your Salaah, then the validity of the Salaah will depend on the amount of contaminated water that splashed on you. If it was a little ie. less than the size of a Dirham (roughly the size of the present 5 Rand coin) then the Salaah will be valid. If it more than this, then the Salaah will not be valid and will have to be repeated.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa