Delaying an obligatory (Fardh) Ghusal after Sehri

Q. In Ramadaan, I sometimes wake up for Sehri but I am in a state of Janaabat – I have to take a Ghusal due to experiencing a wet dream. Can I make Sehri first and then take a Ghusal after Sehri, to be cleaned from the state of Janaabat?

A. If one wakes up for Sehri in a condition of Janaabat (the need to take a Fardh Ghusal) and there isn’t sufficient time to partake of Sehri and take a Fardh Ghusal at the same time, then one may first partake of Sehri and thereafter take a Fardh Ghusal.

In any case, a Fardh Ghusal should not be delayed unnecessarily.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa