Does looking around during Salaah nullify the Salaah?

Q. Where should a person look during Qiyaam, Ruku’, Sajdah, the sitting postures and Salaam of Salaah? Does a person’s Salaah break by not looking in the correct direction in Salaah?

A. It is amongst the etiquette’s (Aadaab) of Salaah that a person keeps his/her eyes focused towards the place of Sajdah whilst in Qiyaam (standing posture), towards the upper portion of his/her feet whilst in Ruku’ (bowing posture), towards his/her nose whilst in Sajdah (prostration), towards his/her lap whilst in Qa’dah (sitting posture) and towards his/her right and left shoulder when turning to make Salaam to his/her right and left. This is in order to enhance concentration (Khushuu’) during Salaah and a means of receiving the complete reward for ones Salaah.

The Salaah will not be nullified if one does not look in the correct place during the respective positions of Salaah. However, it is more virtuous (Afdhal) to do so. (Shaami 1/477)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa