It is permissible to make building projects and structures a hobby?

Q. Nowadays, it has become a norm that people have made building projects and structure projects a hobby in their lives. Is it permissible?

A. It is mentioned in the Hadeeth:

“Indeed, a Muslim is rewarded in everything he spends besides that which he puts (invests) in the ground (building)” (Bukhari)

In the explanation of this Hadeeth Hafez Ibn Hajr explains “This refers to buildings built without necessity.” The reason being that if buildings are built without necessity then the worldly life becomes a motive over the hereafter and one is deprived of the blessings and mercy of Allah.

It is unfortunate that nowadays building without any valid reason has become a ‘game’ for some. There are many unnecessary responsibilities that are borne by building without necessity. A person will be taken to account in the hereafter for everything that he has done in this world.

Therefore, one should not get involved in building unnecessarily. Rather, the hereafter should remain ones main focus.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa