Missing out the Qunoot in Witr

Q. If the imam in witr forgets to read qunoot and goes into rukoo instead, then remembers that he forgot to read qunoot, so he returns to qiyaam, reads qunoot, then does rukoo again, then in the end does sajda sahw, will the salat be okay?

A. In principle, if the Qunoot is left out in Salaat-ul-Witr then the salaah will be valid if Sajdah-e-Sahw is performed at the end.

In this case, since the Imaam made Sajde-e-Sahw at the end of the salaah, the salaah is valid. There is no need to repeat the salaah. However, it was not necessary for the Imaam to come back from Rukoo’ to Qiyaam and recite the Qunoot when he remembered it in Rukoo’ as the Sajde-e-Sahw sufficed for it.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa