When does a Ma’zoor’s (excused person) Wudhu expire?

Q. If a Mazoor person makes Wudhu at Fajr time, does the Mazoor’s Wudhu last from Fajr till Zuhr?

A. A Ma’zoor (excused person) is required to renew their Wudhu for each prescribed time of Salaah.

The prescribed times to renew the Wudhu for each Salaah is from Dhuhr (noon) to`Asr (mid-afternoon), `Asr to Maghrib (sunset), Maghrib to `Isha’ (nightfall), `Isha’ to Fajr (dawn) and Fajr to sunrise.

In the enquired situation, if a Ma’zoor made Wudhu at Fajr (dawn), the Wudhu of a Ma’zoor will terminate at sunrise. If a Ma’zoor wishes to engage in other forms of worship after sunrise, a Ma’zoor will have to renew their Wudhu after sunrise. In this case, the Wudhu of a Ma’zoor made after sunrise will only have to be renewed at the termination of Zuhr. (Shaami 1/306)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa