Establishing a Jaami’ Masjid to have one Jumuah for all Muslims in one area

Q. There are three small and medium size Masjids in our town. We are building a large Masjid to try an accommodate more people especially on the day of Jumuah. We would like to build it as a Jaami’ Masjid.

Can we close all three Masjids in our town and have one Jumuah for the whole town in the Jaaami’ Masjid for Jumuah only?

A. A Jaami’ Masjid is a large Masjid that can accommodate all the Muslims at one place and at one time for Jumuah. The purpose of a Jaami’ Masjid is to create unity amongst Muslims by performing Jumuah at one place and at one time and to show the presence and strength of Muslims.

If a Jaami’ Masjid is established for Jumuah in a city or town, then it is permissible to close the other Masaajid at the time of Jumuah only so that all the people may attend one Jumuah at the Jaami’ Masjid.

However, if all the Muslims cannot be accommodated in one Jaami’ Masjid or it is difficult for them to make arrangements and travel the distance for Jumuah, then Jumuah should be facilitated in the other Masaajid as well. (Shaami 2/157 – Kifaayatul Mufti 3/194 – Fataawa Raheemiyyah 9/90 – Khairul Fataawa 3/119)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa