COVID 19 Restrictions – Multiple Congregations of Salaah in one Masjid

Q. Under the COVID – 19 restrictions, multiple Jamaats of 50 people are taking place. Can one Imaam lead all the Jamaats in Salaah?

A. In order for a congregation to be valid, the nature of Imam’s Salah must correspond with that of the Muqtadi’s (followers) Salaah in all its aspects.

Therefore, if an Imaam has already lead a first congregation in a Fardh Salaah, he cannot lead a second congregation of the same Fardh Salaah. The same applies to leading the Jumuah Salaah.

This is because if an Imaam leads a second congregation of the same Fardh Salaah, the status of the Imaam’s Salaah will be that of a Nafl Salaah as he already performed his Fardh Salaah. Essentially, the Muqtadi’s (followers) of the second congregation will be performing their Fardh Salaah behind an Imaam who is performing a Nafl Salaah that does not correspond with their Salaah. (Shaami 1/579)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa