COVID 19 Restrictions – Gathering of 50 people limitation

Q. The Masaajid have been opened with a limitation of 50 people in a gathering and other restrictions. Can Jumuah Salaah still be performed at home or at other religious places in this case?

A. The performance of Jumuah should take place in the Masaajid/Musallahs whilst adhering to the restrictions in place. If, however, it is not possible to perform Jumuah in the Masaajid/Musallahs due to the limitations in place, Jumuah can still be performed at home provided that four (sane, mature males) including the Imam are present for the Jumuah Khutbah and Jumuah Salaah. (Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah 12/323)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa