Post Natal Bleeding (Nifaas) exceeding 40 days

Q. I am a mother of 3 children Alhamdulillah. The Nifaas period for the 1st child was 40 days, for the second child 25 days and for the 3rd child 41 days. How many days is my Nifaas period now?

A. The maximum period of Nifaas (lochia/post-natal bleeding) is 40 days whilst there is no minimum limit. If the bleeding of Nifaas exceeds the limit of 40 days, then one will revert to one’s previous habit.

In the enquired case, the bleeding of Nifaas exceeded the limit of 40 days and therefore, you will revert to your previous habit of 25 days. As such, it is necessary to make Qadha of the Salaahs, fasts etc. not observed after the 25th day. (Hidaayah 1/35)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa