Can a person make Tayammum if they cannot make Wudhu?

Q. If a person cannot make Wudhu themselves, due to sickness etc., can they make Tayammum and perform Salaah?

A. If one cannot perform Wudhu independently for the performance of Salaah, due to a legitimate excuse, then the following rules will apply:

a) One must seek help and assistance from others to help one make Wudhu

b) If seeking help and assistance from others is not possible without paying for it, then one must pay the nominal fee/s applicable for someone to help one in making Wudhu

c) If both of the above are not possible or not an option, then only will one be permitted to make Tayyummum. (Barur-Raaiq 1/147 – Umdatul Fiqh 1/237)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa