The performance of Salaah is waived if one is incapable and passes away

Q. My late father contracted covid-19 and was hospitalized for 1 week until he passed on to the mercy of Allah at the hospital. He missed all his Salaah’s for 1 week as it was not possible for him to perform it due to his condition. What needs to be done to compensate for his missed Salaah’s in that state?

A. The general rule is that if the deceased has an Islamic Will wherein provision is made for the executors to determine and compensate for any missed Salaah’s of the deceased upon demise, then the executors must ensure that the missed Salaah’s of the deceased are determined and compensated up to one third of the estate. In that case, the compensation (Fidyah) for each missed Salaah is R20.00.

However, in case where one was unable to perform Salaah i.e. it was not possible to perform Salaah standing, sitting or lying down and one passed away in that condition, there is no Qadha or compensation for the Salaahs missed in that condition. (Hindiyyah 1/137)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa