The Sequence of Performing Esha Salaah before Witr Salaah is Compuslory

Q. An Imaam made a mistake in the Esha Salaah and the Esha Salaah was repeated. Before the Esha Salaah was repeated, the Witr Salaah was already performed by some Musallis. Do the Musallis have to also repeat the Witr Salaah that was already performed?

A. In normal circumstances, it is compulsory to maintain a sequence by performing the Esha Salaah first followed by performing the Witr Salaah thereafter.

However, if one forgetfully performs the Witr Salaah first and performs the Esha Salaah thereafter or if the Esha and Witr Salaah was performed and thereafter it was discovered that the Esha Salaah was invalid, it is not necessary to repeat the Witr Salaah.

Thus, in the enquired case, it is not necessary for the Musallis who performed the Witr Salaah to repeat it. (Hindiyyah 1/51)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa