Monetary compensation for breaking an oath

Q. I have taken an oath which I had broken. I have been told that I must feed two meals to ten people to compensate for it. Can I give ten people the money for it instead of feeding them?

A. The breaking of an oath necessitates the fulfilling of a Kaffarah (compensation).

In fulfilling the Kaffarah for breaking an oath, one has an option to either feed two meals (a morning and evening meal) to ten needy people or provide them with clothing. If one is not financially able to feed or cloth them, then one must fast three days consecutively to compensate for it.

In the case of feeding ten needy people, if one decides to give a monetary value, then one must give the Sadaqatul Fitr amount to ten needy people.

Thus, the monetary value must be given to ten needy people (For eg. R20 x 10 needy people) to compensate for it. (Hindiyyah 2/63)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa