Outsourcing impermissible work of a client

Q. I am a director of a marketing company and I outsource all my clients work to another marketing company. I am contracted by some clients to include music etc. in their marketing. I want to know if it permissible for me to accept such contracts keeping in mind that the work is outsourced to another company.

A. In the enquired case, a client contracts your company for the work that they require. Therefore, any work that the client requires from your company must be in compliance with Shariah in order for it to be permissible for your company to accept.

It makes no difference whether or not your company outsources a client’s work to another company as the client has contracted your company directly to carry out their work and not the company the work has been outsourced to.

Accordingly, if a client requires work to be carried out that entails music etc., it will not be permissible for your company to agree to such work that is not in accordance with Shariah even if the work is outsourced.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa