Selling a portion of one’s house for income

Q. I am in a dilemma and require your assistance. My Dad bought me a house. A year later I decided to move in. Unfortunately, some major repairs and renovations are required. I live month to month and cannot afford that. 

I approached my Dad to fund the repairs and renovations. The property value is about R2.5 million. The repairs and renovations will cost about R250 000. 

I had something in mind. An addition to the house was built many years ago and was rented out to tenants. It is roughly 50 square metres and consists of a single room, kitchen and small bathroom. Would it be possible to sell this portion to my Dad for R250 000? With the money, I would be able to carry out repairs and renovations and my Dad will rent out his portion and collect the rental. Please advise.

A. In the enquired case, if you are the owner of the property, then it would be permissible for you to sell a portion of the property to your father. In that way, your father benefits by owning and renting out an additional portion of the property and you benefit by using the money received for the repairs and renovations of the house.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa