Issuing a second divorce in the Iddah period of the first divorce

Q. A woman is sitting in Iddat after her husband issued her with one revocable Talaaq. During this period, her husband gave her a second revocable Talaaq. Is it now considered two Talaaqs? Does her Iddat remain the same? Is it still a revocable Talaaq?

A. If a husband issues his wife with one revocable divorce (Talaaq-e-Rajee’) and then issues a second revocable divorce during the Iddah period, the two revocable divorces issued are considered valid. The Iddah period of the first revocable divorce does not extend by the issuance of the second revocable divorce and the Iddah period remains the same.

The Iddah period of a woman that has been issued with any number of divorces is to observe the Iddah (waiting period) of three menstrual cycles if she experiences menses or three months if she does not experience menses or until child birth if she has conceived.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa