Compensating for the deceased’s missed religious obligations

Q. The deceased passed away and missed a few years Qurbani and a few years of Salaah. How can it be compensated?

A. If the deceased stipulated in his/her Islamic Will that any missed religious obligations (such as missed Salaah and undischarged Qurbani) should be compensated from his/her estate, then the executors/heirs have a duty to fulfil the bequest, but this must not exceed the value of one third of the estate.

If the amount exceeds one third of the estate, the heirs are encouraged to discharge the excess from their own shares or wealth.

If the deceased did not record any missed religious obligations in his/her will, the executors/heirs are not obliged to compensate for any missed Salaah/Qurbani (they are aware of), but are still encouraged to do so from their own wealth.

The Fidya (compensation) for missed Salaah is currently calculated in KZN, South Africa at R20.00 per Salaah (R20 x 6 Salaahs per day (5 Fardh & Witr) = R120.00 as of 1st October 2021) which must be given to poor and needy Muslims (Zakaat recipients).

For each undischarged Qurbani, the current value of a live Qurbani animal must be given to poor and needy Muslims (Zakaat recipients).

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa