Discharging of the Fidyah amount by feeding the poor

Q. A deceased person passed away and the family is compensating for his missed Salaahs. Is there any difference if the family decides to compensate for it by feeding people instead of giving the Fidyah amount in charity?

A. The Fidyah amount is given in charity to the poor and needy (Zakaat recipients) to compensate for each of the deceased’s missed Salaahs. If food is given to compensate for it, then two full meals must be given for each of the missed Salaahs to the poor and needy to compensate for it.

It is not necessary that the value of the two full meals be equivalent to the value of the Fidyah amount. The value of the two full meals may be any amount provided that the two meals fully satisfies a person. (Nurul Idhah 1/107)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa