Maintaining sequence between the Esha & Witr Salaah

Q. I performed my Esha Salaah before the time of Esha entered but when I had performed my Witr Salaah, the time of Esha had already entered. Do I have to repeat the Esha and Witr Salaah?

A) Under normal circumstances, it is compulsory (Waajib) to maintain sequence by performing the Esha Fardh Salaah before performing the Witr Salaah during the time of Esha.

However, in the enquired case, as the Esha Fardh Salaah was performed before the time of Esha commenced unintentionally, the Witr Salaah that was performed in the Esha time, will be considered valid.

It will only be necessary to repeat the Esha Fardh Salaah as it was performed before its time. (Al-Bahrur-Raaiq 1/259)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa