Combining the Tilwat of one’s Quran with conveying its reward to the deceased

Q. A family member passed away and the family is making one Khatam of the Quran for the deceased. If I am making my daily Tilaawat and I am reading the 10th Para for example, can I also make an intention and count the 10th Para towards the 10th Para Khatam being read for the deceased?

A. As a general rule, it is permissible for one reciting Quran to make multiple intentions either for the benefit of oneself or for others.

Therefore, in the enquired case, if one is reciting the 10th Juz as part of one’s daily recitation of Quran, one may also make an intention as part of a Quran Khatam being read for the deceased and convey the rewards to the deceased.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa