The permissibility of selling Beer Powder

Q. It is a culture in the rural areas to make beer using beer powder. Can Muslim supermarkets sell this type of beer powder?

A. In South Africa, traditionally, beer is made from maize (corn), malt and yeast that is fermented with water until it becomes a finished product of beer. In supermarkets, this is sold as ‘beer powder’ in its non-fermented and unfinished form.

In terms of Shariah, if the ‘beer powder’ is made from permissible ingredients such as maize, malt and yeast and can be used for a permissible purpose, there is no prohibition in the purchase and sale of it. Thus, it would be permissible to sell ‘beer powder’. However, a Muslim should abstain from selling products that may commonly be used for prohibited purposes. (Shaami 6/391 – Islam Aur Jadeed Maashi Masaail 4/17)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa