The definition and meaning of Saahib-ut-Tarteeb

Q. What is the definition and meaning of Saahib-ut-Tarteeb?

A. A ‘Saahib-ut-Tarteeb’ refers to a person who has not missed more than 5 Salaahs. The ruling for such a person is that it is compulsory to make Qadha of the missed Salaah/s before performing the next Salaah/s. They cannot perform the next Salaah/s until they make Qadha of the missed Salaah/s.

If however, a person forgets to make Qadha of the missed Salaah/s or the next Salaah will become Qadha if the Qadha Salaah/s are performed, one may perform the next Salaah and perform the Qadha Salaah/s after the Salaah of the time is performed. (Al-Bahrur-Raaiq 2/86)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa