Non-Muslims donating towards a Masjid

Q. Can the trustees of a Masjid accept donations from non-Muslims for the construction or renovation of a Masjid?

A. There are many people in the Muslim community who would appreciate the opportunity of donating towards a Masjid, the House of Allah. The wealth of Muslims, which is pure, and Halaal should be given preference over the wealth of non-Muslims. More so, the Masjid is considered the pride and honour of Muslims and not non-Muslims.

In any event, if non-Muslims wish to donate towards the construction or renovation of a Masjid, their donation can be accepted under the following conditions:

1) They make their donation freely and willingly.

2) They consider their donation to be an act of virtue.

4) They do not expect Muslims to reciprocate them by supporting them or attending their religious programmes and events.

3) There is no fear of them boasting of their donations and making Muslims feel indebted to them. (Kitaabul Fataawa 4/209/Fataawa Uthmaani 2/537)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa