Studying the books of Maududi

Q. I am revert now for 12 years and was previously Hindu. Please may I ask you a question about Moulana Maududi. I was recently given a kitaab to read by a brother titled ‘Towards Understanding Islam’. It’s my normal habit to find out about the author before I read any kitaab so I went onto the internet, I found quite a number of websites regarding this controversy about him. I’m Hanafi and all I would like to know is whether it’s okay to read this particular kitaab or any of his kitaabs? I would really appreciate your guidance on this matter.

A. It is encouraging to note that you are cautious as to what type of material you choose to read about Islam. May Allah keep you firm on Deen.

Moulana Maududi; who was famously known as Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi was once asked in an interview a question to which he replied: “I was eighteen years old when I left college. I then started to study every type of literature that came in front of me. It had a great effect on my heart and mind (so much so that I lost reliance in Allah and Islamic beliefs had no meaning in my eyes). Because I had sufficient knowledge of the Arabic language, I studied Quran and Sunnah directly from its source which removed my doubts and uncertainties.”

Someone asked Maududi, “Whatever opinions you have mentioned, centuries have passed and no one has mentioned the similar opinions before you. In fact, even the senior scholars have not accepted your opinions after hearing them. This is proof that either all the senior scholars were wrong or it is proof that you are inviting to wrong while using the banner of truth?” He replied saying, “Instead of studying Quran and Sunnah through present day scholars or scholars before them, I try to study directly from their sources because I wanted to know what Deen required from me and from every believer. I didn’t try to understand what a certain scholar said or did but rather what Quran says and what Rasulullah said.”

From this we understand that Maududi didn’t understand Deen through anyone in his time nor was there anyone who came before them in the last fourteen hundred years from who he could understand Deen. He studied Quran and Sunnah himself without a teacher. According to him it is not necessary to understand Quran through Hadeeth or Tafseer.

Maududi adopted an incorrect approach in understanding Islam. Therefore, his confusions were erroneous and incorrect. Hereunder are some of Maududis wrong ideologies:

  1. The Sahaba didn’t have the correct understanding of Deen.
  2. Every person has the option of “Tafseer Biraai”( interpretation of Quran according to one’s own understanding).
  3. Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam followed his own logic.
  4. The authentic Ahadeeth are merely historical events.
  5. Authentic Ahadeeth narrated from Sahaabah which seemed contrary to reality are unreliable.
  6. The narrators of Authentic Ahaadeeth are unreliable.
  7. The follow any of the four great Imaams; Imaam Abu Hanifah, Imaam Shaafee’, Imaaam Ahmad Bin Hanbal and Imaam Maalik is Haraam.
  8. Any person can use their intellect to Guide Muslims.
  9. The chains of Jurisprudence are chains of misguidance.
  10. He is absolutely disrespectful to the pious friends of Allah.
  11. He also approved the book “M’arikah Islam wa jahiliyyat” which contains derogative comments about the Sahabah.
  12. He denies and negates Authentic Ahaadeeth by showing them to be illogical.

It is therefore impermissible to read any books authored by Maududi.

(Fataawa Mahmudiyyah, Chapter on deviated sects, Vol. 2, Pg. 170/171-Ahsaanul Fataawa, chapter on the procedure of destroying Islam, Vol. 1, Pg. 308-Maududi Saheb Akaabire Ummat Ki Nazar Me, Pg. 145, Kutub KHana Mazhari.)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa