Working with an audiologist

Q. I have been recently been able to find a job and would like to know if their way of earning money is halal.

It basically involves people who used to work a few decades ago when they were not provided with sufficient if any ear protection and they are claiming because of that they have suffered and are becoming deaf. They take the case to a lawyer and on our side which is the medical side, we check how bad their hearing is (a trained doctor would do that part) my duties in this is to either question the client a few routine questions such as other ways in which their deafness could be occurring like riding a motorbike for exampleand if they have a history of deafness or tinnitus in the family etc. Another duty is to make the reports including calculating how deaf the person is comparing it to how their age is usually supposed to be and then the reports are sent back to the legal team.

So I hope I have given you sufficient information and you can tell me if I can continue with this.

A. Your job is Shariah compliant and your income from such an earning is halal.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa